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Kids Programs

Teen Class

Our teens are most comfortable in the digital technology world of today, so we use this medium to engage their thinking about how God’s message impacts their everyday life at home, school or in the community through the use of their phones, computers, and tablets. Each week they are presented with a topic for discussion that is relevant to them and their peers. They talk about their feelings, opinions and solutions as they see them. The teacher talks to them about how the scripture interprets this topic and they discuss how God works through the scripture to give them answers to their everyday decisions. Next the kids go to their social media to explore video, music, websites, Google, etc. to share positive feedback with each other about what they had learned and how they feel this impacts their lives.

06162012-022Middle Sunday School

The middle Sunday School class experiences the rich history and meaningful stories of the Bible using the Live B.I.G. curriculum. This program captivates their attention using CD animated stories followed up with interesting discussion and creative crafts that the children enjoy. This program emphasizes that God is always with us, God loves us unconditionally and God is the creator of our world and we care for God’s creation.

SundaySchoolYoungest Disciples

Our younger Sunday school children are being taught character traits found in Galatians 5:22-23 and learning how to use these traits in everyday life. They are also learning how to be caregivers of creation by recycling and reducing waste. They come up with creative ideas for taking care of God’s greatest gift to us all.

Adult Programs

Bible Study

Our adult bible study group is a discussion that digs into the biblical story with an emphasis on how it applies to our lives and our world today. We currently meet every Monday at Cracker Barrel in East Greenbush.

Book Group

We have a monthly book discussion after worship on the last Sunday of each month. All are invited to participate.

Family Fun Nights

Church shouldn’t be boring; we should have fun together! Each month Community Congregational Church arranges a just- for-fun family event.